PERFECT ACTION UG is completely covered by public liability insurances for
stunt, wirework and SFX coordination.
License to use all explosives (§7 Permit / § 20 License)
- We run your Action Department worldwide -
2nd Unit Direction / Stunt - Wirework - SFX Coordination / Perfect Action Film Production
We plan, develop, prepare and execute all types of action scenes
to bring your visions to life.
Pre-Visualization (Pre-Vis) / Cutting / Editing
To assist in the preparation of our designed action, we create a video
- pre-visualization -
by shooting and editing all the action for our stunts and fights.
Action & fight film editing for your production / preparation of editing patterns
produced with our fully licensed editing software.
Wirework / Flying Wire Design / Safety Rigging for Crew & Cast / Wire Speed Cams
The wire-supported action gives our stunts the visual impression
of crossing physical boundaries.
Our Wire Speed Cams open up new dimensions.
Stunts / Stunt Performing / Precision Driving / Safety Diving / Freerunning / Parkour
Our long experience in performing stunts allows us to offer you all kinds of action.
We involve the most talented stunt performers, martial artists
and freerunners for your project.
Fight Choreography
Due to our martial arts backround and the basis of our long-term experience in
movie fights we are in a position to design a stunning fight choreography
and create unique options for every scene.
ACTION UG organize or carry out castings to offer the most suitable
stunt performers for your project.
Cast / Personal Training
Do you need to get your cast in superb shape or do you want to prepare them to do
some stunts & fights themselves in your next project? We can get them into shape,
increasing their abilities or tuning their bodies with specialized workouts.